dog minding
dog minding
dog minding

Welcome! In My Home Dog Minding was set up in response to a demand for caring, trustworthy, reasonably priced pet care for dogs whilst their owners are away from home. It was also set up for those owners who did not want to board their dogs in a kennel environment, but rather in a home environment where their dogs could relax, have fun and be less stressed.


The Property

In My Home Dog Minding is situated in the picturesque Hawkesbury region of Sydney. The property itself is 25 acres, with the dogs having access to a 4 acre dog paddock which has 6 foot high cyclone fencing.


Within the dog paddock is the house and a fenced 500sqm dog/back yard. Dogs have free access in and out of the house (via a large doggy door) to the back verandah which has a ramp rather than steps down to the dog yard – great for older dogs that may have problems with climbing stairs.



All dogs sleep inside the house, the choice is theirs – the bedroom or the lounge!  Both the lounge and the bedroom have reverse cycle air-conditioning for the extremes of summer and winter.



On the menu is a mixture of premium brand dry food, and raw bones such as chicken necks, lamb ribs, brisket bones and other tasty morsels.  The type of bones given to each dog depends on the size of the dog and how many teeth it has left!  For instance, an older dog with few teeth will have his/her chicken necks chopped up so he/she can still enjoy a spot of gumming!  Dogs are never left unsupervised whilst eating bones.  Dog with special diets can also be catered for.


Special Needs Dogs

Special Needs dogs can be catered for – for instance those with health problems that require daily medications, such as those with heart problems, diabetes or epilepsy etc, or dogs with physical impairments (deaf/blind etc).